Having retired from the Department of English at the University of Bristol I am an independent scholar based in Oxford and London.   These pages describe some of my current and earlier projects.

My web editions of Edward Lear's Journey in Greece and Albania in 1857 and Edward Lears Greek Journey in 1856 are now available.

A compendium site of all Lear's journeys in "Greek lands" is under construction.

Forthcoming essays and papers include:

    • “Heaney and Hesiod”, in Seamus Heaney's Classics: Bann Valley Muses, ed. Stephen Harrison et al. (OUP, 2019)
    • “Putting Tags in Excellent Verses: Modernism's Classical Fragments, Synthesis 12 (2019).

At present I am working mainly in classical reception; I am particularly interested in the relationship between Greek literature (ancient and modern) and literatures in English.

Other current projects include:

  • the reception of Hesiod and Pindar in English poetry
  • the idea of a national poet: C. Day Lewis and George Seferis.

Recent work includes:

My background is in the Victorian period; on this website are details of my work on Robert Browning and Edward Lear.

Other research interests include:

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