Having retired from the Department of English at the University of Bristol I am an independent scholar based in Oxford and London.  These pages describe some of my current and earlier projects.

Forthcoming essays and papers include:

    • “Heaney and Hesiod”, in Seamus Heaney and the Classics: Bann Valley Muses, ed. Stephen Harrison, Fiona Macintosh, and Helen Eastman (OUP, 2019), pp. 38-49
    • “Ezra Pounds Ragbag: The Cantos as Cento, Cento Workshop, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, March 2020.

My web editions of Edward Lear’s Journey in Greece and Albania in 1857 and Edward Lears Greek Journey in 1856 are now available.

A compendium site of all Lears journeys in Greek lands is under construction.

Other current projects include:

  • the reception of Pindar in English poetry
  • the idea of a national poet: C. Day Lewis and George Seferis.

Recent work includes:

My background is in the Victorian period; on this website are details of my work on Robert Browning and Edward Lear.

Other research interests have included:

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