My work on women artists and writers (apart from Virginia Woolf) includes:


(with Rose Little) “‘In a Different Light’: Imagining Greece in Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Pym”, in Greece in British Women’s Literary Imagination 1913-2013, ed. Eleni Papargyriou et al. (Peter Lang, 2017).  [Read Abstract].

“Women Writers and Readers in the Oxford English Dictionary” at the Conference British Women Writers Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2002.   [Read Abstract]

“Why Did Suffragettes Attack Works of Art?” Journal of Women’s History, 2 (1991), 109-25.

“Feminist Criticism: The Common Pursuit”, New Literary History, 19 (1987), 51-62.

“The Art of Alice Munro: The Beggar Maid and Lives of Girls and Women”, Critique, 25 (1984), 189-98.

Cranford: Cow in Grey Flannel or Lion Couchant?”, Studies in English Literature, 24 (1984), 717-29.

For the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography I wrote entries for Mary Newton, the painter, and Lucy Garnett, the traveller and ethnographer.