This page contains details of my work on

  • The history and literary uses of the English dictionary 
  • Probability, Statistics and the Literary Text

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The Literary Uses of Dictionaries

“Text and Meaning in Charles Richardson’s New Dictionary of the English Language” in Historical Dictionaries and Historical Dictionary Research, edited by Julie Coleman and Anne McDermott (Niemeyer, 2004).  [Abstract]

“Women Writers and Readers in the Oxford English Dictionary” at the conference British Women Writers, University of Wisconsin-Madison, April 2002.   [Abstract]

 At the 2000 MLA Convention I organised a special session on The Literary Uses of Dictionaries.

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Probability, Statistics and the Literary Text

“Statistical Subjects? The Individual, the City, and the Literary Text” at the Conference Monuments and Dust, Institute of Historical Research, July 2001.  [Abstract] [Full paper]

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  • “Blougram’s Wager, Guido’s Odds: Browning, Chance and Probability”.
  • Browning, Blougram, and the Probability of God”.